Delivering with integrity and responsibility

Delivering with integrity and responsibility

At Hetero, our environmental responsibility is integral to our stakeholder integrity. We make every effort to reduce our environmental impact by conducting our business efficiently and in accordance with the prevailing laws, regulations and industry standards.

Our aim is to use resources, such as water and energy, in an efficient manner, reduce waste and minimise emissions wherever possible. We expect our supply partners to apply comparable environmental standards and measures.

Making considerable progress in sustainability performance year-on-year in the domains of water conservation, waste management, occupational health and safety, and others

Pledged support to the 10 Principles of United Nation’s Global Compact (UNGC) Initiative on human rights, labour, environment, anti-corruption among others.

Adopting green technologies in
R&D and production


We are committed to running our business sustainably through:

  • Advanced material management

  • Efficient water and effluent treatment

  • Comprehensive waste management techniques

  • Focused conservation of natural resources

  • Harvesting renewable energy sources

  • Dedicated plantation programmes

Health and Safety

We provide a safe work environment, as well as promote healthy lifestyles and behaviour. We train, empower and require our employees to take individual responsibility for health and safety, and launched safety leadership training for all leaders. We engage and consult with our employees when developing and improving our processes and encourage them to integrate health and safety considerations into their everyday activities.

Hetero Sustainability Report 2021-2022
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